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Concealed Handgun Carry License Renewal

If your license has been expired more than six months, you will need to complete a new application instead of a renewal application. CLICK HERE FOR NEW APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS

Login Warning - This form must be completed with a personal computer desktop or laptop. Using a mobile phone or tablet may not work properly.

Please enter your license number, date of birth, and name below as it appears on your concealed handgun carry license.

Example: 12/23/1975

Fees and Payment Information

This site takes Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and E-Checks.
Discover Mastercard Visa American Express

On-line Renewal fee = $52.50 total ($50.00 plus total $2.50)

On-line late renewal (expired less than six months) = $67.95 ($50.00, plus late fee $15.00, and total of $2.95)

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